2018-2019 Season

2019-2020 Season

(WT) Oct. 19-20 - Doty Dusty Dog Dryland Doty, WI :7th out of 11, 2nd out of 3 Registered Breed

(WT) Nov. 2-3 - Dirty Dog Dryland Derby Pearson, WI: 

           Nov. 9 - Rig Rondy Woodstock, IL: 

Jeanna Giese-Frassetto
 Rabies Survivor raising Rabies Awareness.


We primarily race with the Wisconsin Trailblazers (WT). The WI Trailblazers events are speed races consisting of dog teams that are usually either Hound/Alaskan Husky mixes or Registered Nordic Breeds

2017-2018 Season - Started racing Registered Breed (RB) class instead of Novice

2014-2015 Season

(WT) Nov. 8 - Bill Leonard Memorial Rig Rendezvous Woodstock, IL: 10th out of 22
(TSAMC) Dec. 6 - Can't Depend on Snow Fond du Lac, WI: 7th out of 15
(TSAMC) Jan. 10 - Kickapoo Valley Reserve Winterfest La Farge, WI: 4th out of 11
(WT) Jan. 24/25 - Merrill Winterfest Merrill: 24th out of 25
(WT) Jan. 31/Feb. 1 - Willow Springs Round Barn Rally Wausau, WI: 20th out of 21; 20th out of 20
(WT) Feb. 6/7/8 - Three Bear Sled Dog Race Midwest Championship Land O' Lakes, WI: 28th out of 28 all 3 days
(WT) Feb. 21/22 - Langlade County Culver's Challenge Antigo, WI: 26th out of 28; 26th out of 26
(TSAMC) Mar. 7 - Klondike Days Northwoods Championship Weight Pull​ Eagle River, WI: Shai: 1st out of 9. 1,020 lbs.

(TSAMC) April 4 - Lloyd Hailer Memorial Weight Pull Sheboygan Falls , WI: Mayah: 3,808 lbs. Shai: 3,352 lbs. Echo: 2,212 lbs.

2016-2017 Season

(WT) Oct. 15-16 - UP 200 Dryland Dash Marquette, MI: ​8th out of 8

(WT) Nov. 5-6 - Dirty Dog Dryland Race  Pearson,WI: 12th out of 16

(WT) Nov. 12-13 - Willow Springs Wausau, WI: 5th out of 8
(TSAMC) Dec. 3 - Can't Depend on Snow Fond du Lac, WI: 5th out of 21
(WT) Jan. 21/22 - Merrill Winterfest Merrill, WI: POSTPONED**
(WT) Jan 28/29 - Willow Springs Round Barn Rally Wausau, WI: POSTPONED***
(WT) Feb. 4/5 - Three Bear Sled Dog Race Land O' Lakes, WI: 13th out of 13

**(WT) Feb. 11/12 - Merrill Winterfest Merrill, WI: 14th out of 15
(WT) Feb. 25/26 - ​Town of Doty: CANCELED

***(WT) March 11/12 - Willow Springs Round Barn Rally Wausau, WI: CANCELED

2015-2016 Season - Jeanna was pregnant with twins. Scot did most rig & sled training and racing.

(WT) Oct. 24-25 - Dirty Dog Dryland Race  Pearson,WI: 20th/23 - Scot

(WT) Nov. 7 - Bill Leonard Memorial Rig Rendezvous Woodstock, IL: 13th/20 (Rig) - Jeanna 5th/5 (Canicross) - Scot

(WT) Nov. 14-15 - Willow Springs Wausau, WI:  10th/11 (Rig) - Scot 2nd/4 (Canicross) - Scot
(TSAMC) Dec. 5 - Can't Depend on Snow Fond du Lac, WI: Canicross: 1st/5 - Amy w/Echo; 4th/5 - Chris w/Roma; 5th/5 - Jeanna w/Asher; Weight Pull: Mayah: 4,200 lbs. Shai: 3,521 lbs.
(WT) Jan. 23-24 - Merrill Winterfest Merrill: Postponed due to weather. Feb. 13-14th - Unable to attend.
(WT) Jan. 30-31 - Willow Springs Round Barn Rally Wausau, WI: ​Postponed and Cancelled due to lack of snow.
(WT) Feb. 6-7 - Three Bear Sled Dog Race  Land O' Lakes, WI: Unable to attend due to pregnancy