Rabies: Part II
            In August 2013, I went outside at 7:00 am to feed Mayah, Asher, and Shai. Asher and Shai were in a pen together and Mayah was on a tie-out nearby. While my boys were eating, I grabbed the shovel to clean up the pen, and I saw it: a curled up dead bat. I immediately took the important precautionary steps:

  • picked it up with the shovel (during which I spotted dog teeth marks in its body 

  • double bagged it 

  • put it in the fridge to preserve it 

  • called my local health department for the steps to get tested. They advised me to take it to my vet to send in to the state lab 

  • dropped the bat at my vet for overnight shipment. 

The next day my vet called me: The bat was positive for rabies! I made an appointment for Thursday to get all 3 of my dogs booster shots (all were current with all vaccines, but it's state law to get them all boosters). My two boys were quarantined for 60 days per state law to make sure they didn't develop symptoms. This meant the Fall training was put off for 2 months.Of course, quarantine ended, all were healthy, and training started!

Jeanna - Musher

"A good musher works as hard as his dogs"

    I have been mushing since January 2012. The December 2012 “Can’t Depend on Snow” sled race in Fond du Lac, WI, was my first “official” race, and was it interesting! Not only had I been mushing less than a year, but I was recovering from major back surgery that I had 4 months earlier, and raced with a broken hand, bruised ribs, and a mild concussion that I had received in a mushing crash a week earlier. This earned me the nickname “Iron Will” from a fellow musher. 
  I had another crash (picture below right) in 2013 due to a badly built dog rig (I didn't build it), again just a week before the race. I bruised my ribs again, damaged my shoulder, and bruised my hip. Once, again, Iron Will still raced.

I continue to learn and improve every year, and plan on continuing for a long time. Sled racing is the only sport that I can do since my rabies ordeal. And I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Jeanna Giese-Frassetto
 Rabies Survivor raising Rabies Awareness.