Jeanna Giese-Frassetto
 Rabies Survivor raising Rabies Awareness.




The name 'Shai' means "Gift". I received him as a gift from his former owners in March 2013. He and Asher instantly became brothers. Shai does not like new people (he's afraid of them), so it is an ongoing struggle taking him places, but he is getting better with it. He knows that I'm his safety.

Shai ran just 2 times in March of 2013, and then had a very short training season in fall due to the quarantine (story on the 'Musher' page) before he was on my team for the Can't Depend on Snow race in December. I started him in the wheel position. He is a powerhouse and so very fast. Starting in 2014 I put him in lead, and he quickly picked up on the turn commands. What turns he misses, Mayah is behind him to help him out! He and Echo click so well together in lead! I am also working on weight pulling with him.

In February 2017, Shai started having bloody discharge from his nose. His veterinarian put him on antibiotics and a rhinoscopy was scheduled. His rhinoscopy showed a growth in his nose. Biopsies were taken and showed only bacteria in the growth. So, stronger antibiotics were prescribed and he remained on those for 6 weeks.  Throughout the 6 weeks he would have random days of high energy, but mostly his condition deteriorated. His face began swelling. His internal medicine doctor at the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center in Appleton, as well as his primary veterinarian at St. Bernard's Animal Medical Center, concluded that the most likely cause was a tumor growing in his face, unrelated to the growth.

We made the very difficult decision to allow Shai to stop fighting so hard. We euthanized him on May 11th.

​Shai was so brave and strong. He is greatly missed.

He was privately cremated at Forrest Run and we are planning on distributing his ashes on a sled run some day.

I look forward to meeting him again on the Rainbow Bridge one day.